Friday, October 30, 2009

Does it ever slow down?

Over the summer I thought that it would surely slow down soon. I was wrong. And that begs the question, doesn't it slow down sometime? When you are sick in bed perhaps.

So, I've been wanting to blog but have been without time when I have material and without material when I have time. Mostly without time. With all the leaves coming down, I've had to be up on the roof cleaning out gutters once this week (and it needs to be done again). I've also been mowing/mulching them and raking and moving the rest of them. Such is fall in the midwest, especially at our house with our old giant trees.

Friend Husband got the ok from the surgeon this week to start weaning off his crutches. He is allowed to do his stretching exercises in the evenings again. By tomorrow, he should be crutch-free! I think he may still use them when it's wet outside but by and large he should be finished with them. He starts physical therapy sometime soon, to rebuild the muscle and other stuff in that leg.

NaNo is right around the corner. I had a smidgen of an idea, but it has largely escaped me. I have a picture that intrigued me and brought up all sorts of characters in my head but that was a month ago and now that impending doom (I mean, "the fun of writing") is staring me in the face, I'm panicking a little. My plan is to get projects out of the way tomorrow and plan plan plan. We're having lunch with some people between church services on Sunday, so I don't know when I'll be able to sit down and beat out my first 1667 words...we'll see. I am happy to announce that Friend Cynthia and Friend Alyssa are both NaNo Newbies this year. They are so full of vim and vigor. I know they will have an excellent experience. I think that Friend Hollie is also doing it again this year. Here is the picture that inspired my musings:

It's more interesting in a larger size, truly.

Well, as if I needed yet another excuse to shirk my housewifely duties, NaNo will certainly be occupying my time. So I should go to the grocery store and get ready. I hope y'all have a lovely weekend!

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Julie said...

No, it never slows down. You have to blog instead of clean your sink! :o)

Summer... Fall... Nano... Christmas...

Why you will be busy until at least the New Year.

Loved your picture.

Fall??? It is snowing her again today. YUCKY!!!