Thursday, January 07, 2010

Awaiting the White Death, with spewage

We're supposed to be getting a "big winter storm" here soon. Honestly, I don't know why people in Cincinnati get their knickers in a twist about snow. It's not as though they never have it here! It's not a surprise...get over it. It snows in Ohio in the wintertime!

Anyway, you can't get into a grocery store right now without doing your best defensive driver-bumper car champion thing with the carts. Getting gas is a special experience. Going anywhere is a special sort of misery. So we've been sitting around the house. Especially since the twins have been sick.

David, of course, has his asthma thing going on. Yesterday he started throwing up again. He does this not infrequently when his asthma is very bad because he gets choked up. So we did the asthma routine with him, he went back to sleep, no problem. Eventually his twin sister started puking as well. Oops, sounds like that might not be an asthma situation. So we canceled our planned trip to the pediatric urgent care for a nebulizer treatment. I'm waiting to see if he's still breathing badly when he wakes up to see if he needs to keep his 11:15 appointment this morning.

If we get to leave the house for that appointment, I'd like to leave early and go to the mall. As a general rule, I dislike the mall, but I wanted to get 1) a calendar for this year and 2) something for a friend's birthday which is easier to find at the mall. If he doesn't get to go, I won't go to the mall yet again. At what point does the calendar kiosk close? I really need a new calendar! Where does the time go?

So that's my boring life. Don't get me wrong, boring is preferable to exciting, especially when exciting involves hospitals or crises.

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