Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Rain, rain, go away

I logged on here to answer a message and realized that it had been quite some time since I'd blogged.  I still blog or journal in my head all the time but don't take time to come here and write it down.  Part of that is just getting through all the trauma and depression that life brings me.  I don't always like to have everyone know how very disturbed I am and how often. 

But I came on here to answer a comment and remembered that Friend Cherylyn had called me last week with some fabulous news.  I will let her tell you in her own way but suffice it to say that it is really wonderful news.  And who doesn't need that these days?

Yesterday was a homeschooling holiday for us.  I meant to look up Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech for the children to listen to but never got around to it.  Wonderful Friend Husband offered me the day to replace a couple of Saturdays that I'd lost to illness and Commencement, so I guiltily took them!  I managed to rework a little of my homeschooling stuff to hopefully compensate for missed classes.  It's hard for me to believe that Sarah is a junior this year!  I think I may be in denial about it.  There are so many things I've wanted to do with her in high school but it's been difficult to fit them in with preschoolers running around.  Not to mention my general laziness quotient.  But it's definitely time to organize and buckle down.

So I did that, then I spent the rest of the day playing with "fun paper".  No, it's not money, I'm referring to scrapbooking and card making.  I made a set of 8 cards for a gift and did some organizing on a double-page spread I'm putting into 5 scrapbooks I'm making for me and some friends.  I've been making these things for about 9 months and I'd like to be finished with them.  A group of church friends and I "take tea" when our schedules permit.  These scrapbooks commemorate one trip we took to Eden Hall back in April of 2009.  I had big hopes of doing all of our trips but obviously those hopes cannot be realized in the amount of time I currently have.  But it has been loads of fun to work on them.  To streamline and to make it so one (the one I started with) did not get more done to it than others (namely, the last one), I decided to do the layouts at the same time but vary it for each person using different paper & embellishments.  So I have three pictures to spread over a two-page area.  I figure out how I want them organized on one set of pages, then replicate them (more or less) for the other four books.  For me, the time-consuming part of scrapping is in getting the layouts the way I want them.  Once I get that figured out, it goes pretty quickly.  Perhaps I can take some pictures to illustrate when my camera batteries are charged up.  Which would not be now.  I do have a camera photo of the cards I made.


It's very blurry and has a weird yellow cast on the second card which does not really exist but you get the picture.  The one on the left says "I don't do mornings until I've had my coffee" and the one on the right says "I like you a latte"  I really liked all the stamped coffee beans in the background...they gave the perfect touch, I think.

So anyway, that is what is happening here.  Friend Husband and I have a date tonight...dinner at Red Lobster!  He has a coupon or a card or something which will make it more affordable and I do like me some Red Lobster and time with Friend Husband!  So off I go to work...hope y'all have a most excellent day!

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