Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Bullet blog

Because I have to do the Tuesday carpool in half an hour...

* We got a new range last week. Cooking is fun again.

* David's inhaler costs us $90/50 days. Ouch! We didn't have to pay for them last year because we were over our deductible.

* Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning...6 more weeks of winter. Personally, I don't believe him this year. It is feeling like spring again to me.

* Struggling yet again with the demons that bind me (that would be "depression", just trying to think of a different way to say it this time).

* Going to an Ethiopian dinner this weekend. Can't wait!

* Planning for college? Help!

* Thinking about getting a job outside our home. Yep, can't believe it myself. Still praying on that one.

* My grey kitten is lying on my lap, asleep...

* Seems like I had more important things to say? Apparently not. No wonder I don't blog anymore.

* Ok, what happened to all the goody-roonie stuff I had on here? I can't bullet blog without bullets? What has happened to Xanga in the past 2 weeks?

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