Saturday, February 20, 2010

This, that, and the other

I was all set up on this the other day, having typed a couple of paragraphs, when I heard, "Sweetheart! I need your help!" I left the browser window up. After helping and doing the rest of the stuff I do, it was down again. And all my beautiful, heartfelt words were gone. So you'll just have to take these.

May I just say that I really don't dig the "new" stuff that Xanga is doing? They've taken away many of the capabilities that were available before. Not. Thrilled. I think I may just move this on off to some other venue. But for no, I will press on.

* A note from another browser. The problems with Xanga which I have been referencing? They aren't so much a problem with Xanga as a problem with my browser, Google Chrome. I will note that I want to do Xanga updates on Firefox. Sorry Xanga!

So, a lot has been going on around here. Mostly snow. Lots of snow. Lots of shoveling because, as I discovered this week, if one does not shovel one's driveway, one does not have access to the AAA service that one has paid perfectly good money for all these years. Who knew? The last time we had the van go off the driveway (for that was the crisis the other night which precipitated my one and only's cry for assistance), the lady tow truck driver pulled her big truck into our snow-choked driveway and winched that sucker back up for us.

This time, the AAA dispatcher told us that we needed to have the snow cleared from the driveway. Riiiight. Our driveway is massive. I'm sure we could easily park 30 cars on it. Of course, we couldn't so easily remove them, but there ya go. It's huge. Nevertheless, we attempted to remove as much snow as possible before the AAA guy showed up, which he did, right as Friend Husband was leaving for work. FH talked to Tow Truck Guy and TTG said he didn't think he could pull the van up because of the place where it was. Which was exactly the place that the lady TTG pulled it out of before. Whatever. He told FH that he'd go get something and come back. And he drove off.

A couple of hours later, I finally called AAA and asked them where TTG was. The dispatcher told me that TTG had reported that "we" had left so he didn't return. I told AAA Dispatcher Gal that, while my husband had indeed left, I was still patiently waiting in my house for TTG. AAADG made a note of that and said she'd send someone else out. Then she asked me if the driveway was clear for them. When I told her that it was the same amount of "clear" it had been the last time TTG had been out here, she informed me that they would do nothing if the driveway was not clear of snow and ice. Uh huh.

Driveway with snow partly gone

Well, I did what I knew I needed to. I got bundled up and began to shovel. And I shoveled for what seemed to be hours. Wait! It was hours! And finally, when TTG2 showed up, I had managed to clear a small area for him to park his mighty truck of power. He winched that baby right on up and told me to drive it wherever I was going to leave it so he could make sure I didn't drive it off the driveway again after he left. TTG2 was my hero. After telling him he was a beautiful person, I went in and took a 2 hour nap wherein I did not move an iota.

Over the next couple of days, I continued to shovel and scrape. Yesterday I finally cleared the 75% mark. The rest of the driveway can stay like that until the rain washes it off, I don't really care. I'm going to take my newly buff body into the house. My work is done here.

Piles o' snow on the driveway

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