Thursday, September 02, 2010

First days

Monday was our first day of school this school year.  It was also the first day that Friend Husband was back to teaching at the uni.  It was also the day I went back to the doctor to see what he had to say about my healing, 6 weeks later.  Big Monday!

First, the doc.  He said that I've healed up well and cleared me for most activities, with the caveat that I need to start small and work my way up.  No problem there, I'm so tired most days that I wouldn't dream of going back full-bore.  In fact, I was kind of hoping he'd tell me to lay low for a couple more weeks.  winky  Oh well!

This year, as last, I have 5 students at home.  This is the last year that Sarah will be in my greedy clutches, I mean, in my tutelage, as she is a senior.  She is taking a couple of classes at our co-op, a couple of college classes shocked and stuff at home.  Rachel is a sophomore this year, Abby is more or less in the 6th grade, and the twins are first graders.  As eager as they were to start school yesterday, they have not been eager to continue it today...hee hee!

Here are some pics to document the big day!

All of them, together at last.  I had to hustle them out during supper to take the picture because they steadfastly refused to be in the same place at the same time yesterday.

12th grade                                                                    10th grade


6th grade

1st grade                                                                     1st grade


Well, this has already taken me 2 days to compose.  We started a new 1 hr. on the Internet policy which is severely restricting me, ha ha!  Yesterday (Tuesday), Sarah started her college classes.  She said they were "ok".  Here's my college student, reading Pygmalion (an assigned text) on her first day, before leaving for the uni.  (Sob, sob)

I've been working through the book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons with Keziah and David.  David is a very distractable little boy...surprise surprise.  If he'd gone to public school, he would have been the class clown for sure.  They were sounding out the word "mean" yesterday.  David kept saying, "Meat" instead and I told him, no, it was "mean", like "I'm mean!" and I illustrated with a mean face.  Which he then replicated for me while saying, "mean!"

He can do a really funny mean face when he tries.  This is not it!  And this should serve to illustrate his back-to-school haircut...a wonderful mohawk!  Also note the presence of one of his sisters in the background, doing PE.  whatevah

Of course, if one twin does something, the other must also do it (this applies much more than the general pronouncement that if you do for one child, you must do for all of them).  So here's Keziah's mean face. In the family, this is known as "giving us the teeth" because she used to do this a lot when she was angry with us.

Of course, she kept trying to smile for the camera too so she doesn't look very fierce.

On Tuesday I also got to go "play" with my friend Rachel.  She's working on her son's scrapbook and I was making a few cards...and here they are!

This one was the last I made and it was a little off-center.  I still like it.  happy

I was just so tickled by this one.  BTW, the caption at the bottom says, "I don't have a problem with caffeine, I have a problem without caffeine!"


This was totally out of my comfort zone, but it worked well.  Yay for trying new things!

I see that Xanga got rid of the box around the text thing...I guess that means that I'll have to remove my background...bummer.

Well, who knows when I'll be able to get back on Xanga.  Maybe Saturday.  We're all going through electronics withdrawl:  the twins mourn the loss of summer's television and the girls miss the computer (and probably the tv too).  I definitely miss the more mindless computer games to wind down.  But I hope that all of you have a happy end-of-summer, beginning-of-fall!  May God be with you all.

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