Thursday, September 02, 2010

Library Loot

Friend Jen has been doing this Library Loot thing for a while and I've enjoyed reading her posts about her library finds. I finally determined this week that I would do the same, finally, because I want to laugh at myself. I go through feast or famine at the library. This summer I finally got so desperate for books that I started reading the ones holed up in my basement!

And then there are weeks like this one, when I walk out with as many books as I can manage and still regret having left some interesting-looking ones behind. Sometimes I'll make a list of books that I want to read and work through them that way and sometimes I chastise myself for getting so many and determine to get and read one at a time. But mostly I grab what looks good and what I've put on hold and that's that. And this week was a good library week! Actually, it was a phenomenal library week. And happily, we're going on a long driving weekend so I'll have plenty of time for guilt-free indulgence.

These are the books I got at the library this week.

I've never watched Supernanny but if she can help me keep Dave from destroying all of us, I'll read her book.
weird indiana
I liked Weird US except for all the occult stuff in it and this is more of the same. Even Friend Husband was reading it.
ohio oddities
This was on the same table as Weird Indiana. Its title amuses me. Plus it sounds like a fun guide to field trips, don't you think? What good's a state if you can't make fun of it occasionally?

lost souls
We read the first book in this series for book club last time. I didn't expect to like it at all but I ended up reading the whole series. I'm in line for some sort of sequel to the series.

I read the prior book about these people from this author and found it to be magical. I've been waiting impatiently for this one. Then I forgot about it. And then I rediscovered it! Yay!
New Kellerman Lazarus/Decker book. I love the interplay of the main characters in this series but I truly wish the murder mystery part of it wasn't so gruesome.
Looked interesting. Sort of is.

fat chance
As someone who is adipose-enhanced, I find books with titles like this interesting.

little italy
I've really been getting into this author's Gaslight series. To the point where I've actually taken Friend Cherylyn's good lead and started ordering cheap books from Amazon so I could read the whole series. This is one our library had.

bank street

And also this one. And I've already read both of them. And the Kellerman & Koonz books. Yes, I was doing the rest of my work and yes, I read very quickly.

Since I read too quickly, I have a tendency to blow through series. I got some other series ideas from my Facebook friends last year and this series was among them. I like it fine but I think I was bogged down in actual work the last time I read one, so I didn't tear through the rest of them. So here it is, a murder mystery set in turn-of-the-last century Oklahoma.

shoots the bull
And, per recommendation from another set of Facebook friends (the Cozy Mysteries group on GoodReads), I got this one, about southern sisters who solve mysteries.

We enjoy this series a lot...get some history into the family without much effort.

King Tut
And also this one! Yes, I did get about 10 other books for the children while I was there, but these (and The Long Winter) are the ones I'm most likely to read.

Oh, and there are two more waiting for me at the library which I will probably pick up to read on the trip! They are both new installments of beloved series.

State Fair


So I probably won't have to go to the library until, oh, the end of next week, right?


Ohio_Momto3boys said...

I love the Ann George southern sisters series.

Mollie said...

Wow great haul! I've been wondering about that Koontz series. I haven't read much of his new stuff. Might have to give this series a go! Enjoy your loot!

Linda said...

Wow, that's quite a haul. Fat Chance and Rosewater and Soda Bread look great. Enjoy!

Jessi E. said...

I always like to check out books about weight-issues (or at least use that kind of play on words). I'm wondering what Fat Chance is about.

Enjoy your reading!
Jessi @ The Elliott Review