Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Good grief

So I decided last night that, in journals, as in life, you must live in small spurts. It is apparently not my time in life to write long, introspective anything. And so it is in blogging.

Today we are waiting for the gas man to show up and turn on the gas. So we can have heat. Because it's in the low 60's in my house. Because it's finally cool outside! Yay! Friend Husband suggested that we bake. I could bake. Or I could educate his children. But I can't do both. I probably could but I'm also at the time in my life when I'm not pushing myself to be Supermom any more. Was that a lesson I learned this summer? Perhaps. Perhaps I'm just lazy or my low self-esteem is kicking in. But I may make bagels later. I really want some bagels.

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Anonymous said...

Or perhaps you have the twins to school now too? Plus the original 3 girls... Or perhaps you've realized that no matter how MUCH you do, some people just won't notice or care. So, why kill yourself!

Cindy G who is right there with you!!