Thursday, October 07, 2010

A new post

The problem with these "more daily" posts is that the titles are boring. Oh well.

Yesterday was a day which amazed me with its ability to make me tired. It was co-op day so I am on my feet all day anyway, but one of the other moms was gone. I ended up doing more work. And having a swollen belly by the end of the day. Not good. Every fiber of my being hurt, from the middle of my skull to my ankles.

But it is today, not yesterday, and I feel better. Yay! I realized though, that my in-laws are due in next week so I need to clean my house. Not my favorite occupation at any time but especially when the weather is nice outside. Why is it that I can't keep a clean house? Or even to make one in the first place?

Are the leaves turning where you are? They are here. I do love fall!

Sarah is getting her senior pictures done. Hard to believe, but my baby is going to graduate this year. I'm working on a scrapbook for her, as a yearbook replacement, since she doesn't have one. Maybe I'll take some photos of how the pages are turning out. When and if I ever finish them.

But that won't be right now because Kez is talking talking talking to me so I guess I need to stop typing and actually listen. Happy Thursday!

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Candy said...

So sorry you were pooped and aching! I appreciate your work at HELP!!! I seem to have the same issues with cleaning....I think it is my preferences for fun over organization....