Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Am I the only one who gets totally buzzed out by getting pulled over by police? I attribute it to being a pretty much law-abiding citizen and being freaked out to realize that you are being lumped in as a criminal. Which is sort of what happened just a bit ago.

I should just say that I hate Wednesdays. They are the most draining day of my week. On top of everything else that happened today, my son managed to push his seat back which caused my sewing machine to eject from the back of the car. Aside from breaking the posts that hold the thread on, I don't know what else was damaged. Kind of afraid to find out. I don't remember what else happened. But I am exhausted. I probably should have just stayed home from church and that stuff might not have happened. And I certainly wouldn't have been pulled over by a state trooper.

Apparently I was going over the lines in a non-cool way. Or something like that. So I got stopped and questioned about my state of being. I guess it became clear that I was just a tired woman on her way home. Or he decided to give me a break. Whatever, I was blessed to not receive anything more than a verbal warning. Thank you, God! (And yes, I have, even for something so non-earth-shattering.)

Now I'm going to attempt to crank out some novel words, as I am at least two days behind. And hope for a better day tomorrow.

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