Monday, May 30, 2011

Way too hot

It's Memorial Day 2011 and it's way too hot for May. Honestly, if we are already in the 90s, what is it going to be like in August? Never mind, I'm not sure I want to know.

I should be outside digging things up and planting other things but I dread going out there. As soon as I'm out there and over the initial heat wave (hot flashes really enjoy company I've discovered), it will be fine. But for right now I'm cowering in the air-conditioning and ignoring what I've got going outside.

One thing about it being so awfully hot is that I can hang out clothes on the line and they dry really fast. There is no wind but the heat just soaks up the water in the garments. Or quilts, as the case may be.

I bought a bunch of roses that I need to get into the ground today. For those of you long-time readers, these will go in what used to be known as the Dead President's rose garden. The Mr. Lincoln & JFK roses are still there (as well as the Stars and Stripes and America climbers) but it's been slowly taken over by herbs. And now come the ladies. Jackson & Perkins had a sale and I purchased a Laura Bush, a Lady Bird Johnson, and a Nancy Reagan. I suppose the garden should now be called the "Dead Presidents (and one First Lady) and Two Live First Ladies' Rose Garden" but I think that's a bit unwieldy even for me, so I'll probably just call it the herb garden. Ah well, times they do change.

And I'm trying to decide whether or not to try to sprout more okra seeds. I wanted to go to non-GMO seeds this year and I bought a goodly amount to that end. I think because of the nasty spring we had, my seeds continue to not thrive. That would be, they die. They drown. They do not come up. I've sprouted several different kinds of morning glories and one kind of okra twice already this year, planted them, and watched in vain for them to come up. Some of the morning glories have finally come up but not one little okra has deigned to make me happy. Last year, I had okra sprouting out of seeds left over from pods that got too hard & left out in the garden. This year, my carefully nurtured seeds come to naught. If that doesn't teach me not to over-supervise, I don't know what will. It is discouraging, but I guess I'll suck it up and try one more time. I do love having fresh okra to munch on in the garden while I'm working out there. I don't think a single pod made it into the house last year but I did enjoy eating it fresh off the stalk. And the flowers are so pretty. I also planted that in the herb garden this year because I figured it was pretty enough to be a flower. Bah. It would be nice if it would just GROW already.

Ok, enough ranting. I guess I'll depose this grand kitten of mine from my chest and get out there. I'm sweating already just thinking of it.

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Candy said...

I think you should just pack up you gag and come over and play with us. If you must be out side......