Friday, July 01, 2011

Wearing of the Green

Ok, so it's July. And I did not blog in June. I did look at the entry page in June but for some reason it was beyond me to be able to do anything with it. So here I am.

And here I am trying to post a picture of what I did today. Or part of what I did part of this day. I've been doing very well to get out into the garden in the mornings and weed and take care of the plants that are supposed to be there. For about the last two weeks, I've been thinking that I needed to harvest & hang the mint, catnip, and lemon balm I've got coming out my ears (well, not really out my ears, but you know what I mean). This morning I did the mint.

We have a lovely desk/bookshelf which used to be in my husband's room when he was a boy. I'm sure that my late, great mil did not envision its being used as a drying rack for herbs when she purchased it, but there it is. In fact, I wish you could see this photo because it says a lot about me. Wanna guess what it says?

Oh, and seeing as Xanga doesn't appear to want to link my picture, if you want to see it and you know me on Facebook, go look at it over there. It's today's random pic of the day.

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