Sunday, March 18, 2012

Hello Blog

Hello blog

Dear blog,

This is the second such letter that I am framing to you this morning. How I hate and detest computers sometimes! The other letter was of such delicacy, such sublime beauty, that I hesitate to try to recreate it. Nay, I shall not even try, for it shall cause me to break down into tears at the unjustness of the freeze and die of the computer.

What I was talking about was our breakdown in communications. I was remembering the olden days, the golden days, when we visited many times a I miss those days! But life moves on, my dear blog, and I'm afraid we cannot have the same intimate relationship. I'm too busy. I'm too intimidated by those whose blogs are prettier than mine and whose prose is so much more lovely. I do apologize and take all the blame for the downturn in our relationship. No, no, it's really all my fault. I hope you can forgive me.

I've been thinking about you almost obsessively of late. Now I hope that I will not think of you with grief and guilt but with the happy memories and hopes for some new ones as well. Have a happy day!



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