Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nizzardly worries

Dear blog,

I just have a minute before I need to disappear to bed but I didn't want to totally get out of the habit of saying hi. It's been a hard weekend. An older lady in our congregation passed on Saturday. We all knew it would happen sooner rather than later and it did. Doug and the kids were there, as were a number of others from our congregation. I was happy for her but I knew that it would be hard on her tender-hearted kids, grandkids, and great-granddaughters. And it was. It still is.

Of course, a death means a funeral and a funeral means a funeral dinner. Which means a lot of work this week. I'm glad we can do it for the family but I'm already exhausted and wondering how I can get what I already need to get done done this week. I'll guess I'll get done what I get done and the rest of it just won't get done. Nothing is so completely vital that someone would die if I didn't get something done.

A friend is getting married in a couple of months and I've been helping with rehearsal dinner plans and wedding invitations. I'm happy that she's found "her guy" but sad that she'll be moving away from us after the wedding. Kind of a double-edged sword there.

It's planting season and I'm not ready. It's feeling like summer outside already. What's up with the weather already? I need more hours in my day.

No, I'm not so completely shallow that I feel swallowed up by these piddling little concerns. Just tired. Which is why I'm going to go to bed and hope that things look better in the morning.



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