Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Volunteer

Hi there everyone! It isn't often that the writing bug hits me (bites me?) and I have access to a computer so I thought I'd go for it.

My latest attempt to make myself feel like I have an actual purpose in life has been volunteering. Actually, I have been volunteering, for almost a year, with the twins. We do 3 hours once a week at Granny's Garden School. Of late, however, I have found a bit more time in my life (don't know how that worked and please don't suggest that I clean my house instead of working for someone else; this is my brain we're talking about). I've started volunteering at our local library.

Now anyone who knows me well knows that I love the library! I adore the library! It has been a secret thought of mine that if I ever needed to get a job, perhaps I could get one at the library. Plus, they advertised that they needed volunteers, so there it is. I got trained lickety-split, and in no time, they set me loose in the library. I shelve, clean stuff up, put lables on books, and shelf read. And I find an awful lot of books that I want to read. That's sort of the "down side". I have SO many books out right now. But they're all so tempting and tasty and we all know I have no self-control.

What really made me want to blog today was finding a copy of the book The Handbook of Natural Plant Dyes right next to a book on making an atomic bomb. Really! I can't make this stuff up! I checked to make sure that it was not misfiled, but no, that's exactly where it is supposed to be. Weird.

I am going to go return to my volunteer job now. I like it a lot. Except for the backaches I get from hauling piles and piles of books home every week. Gotta work on that self-control thing.


SiouxsieQ said...

I'm so with you! I applied to volunteer at the library a few months ago, but nothing ever came of it. It sounded like such a fun way to volunteer. I'm so glad you are enjoying it!

photomom said...

How fun! So glad for you! And good luck on that back ache/self-control thing!

Wife, Mom & Grama hard at work said...

I have all kinds of ideas of things to do when I retire. You just inspired one more for my bucket list. You forget to mention that it gets you out of the house.....that has to be a benefit. Enjoy!

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