Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Short One

I've got ants in my pants and don't want to spend any more time here in the library. I do, however, know that if I don't take some time and write at least a little, I'll beat myself up for it. So here goes.


Friend Husband and I took the kids canoeing a couple of weeks ago. It was really fun, except when we had the twins with us. That is, whoever had the twins in his canoe, did not have a good time. The rest of us quickly got the hang of the paddling, obeying the person in the back (that would be me), and just having a good time. And we got a fabulous workout! I think I burned 1300 calories that day...woohoo! I wish we could go more often but it's just too expensive.


I've been biking a bit more of late. Well, I was before someone who is younger than I and residing in my house knocked my bike over. Now it makes an ominous moaning sound when I ride it. I do not find this conducive to an enjoyable bike trip.

Anyway, I had been riding a fair amount before that event. The trip to the library is 1.5 miles and takes about 15 minutes. The trip to the grocery store is longer and I didn't really measure how much time it took. It's about 8 miles to go to the bank in the Kroger, then across the street to Meijer, then home. I was proud of myself when I finished that. Now, come to find out that a few of my friends do that much daily. I'm not so proud anymore. Bleah.

Anniversary trip

Friend Husband and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary earlier this month. We each, separately, decided to plan a trip without the younglings, asking Sarah to be in charge of them. She finally told each of us that the other was also planning something, which is a good thing because we were planning two totally different trips! He was planning a trip to Xenia and I, a trip to Hocking Hills. Xenia won and it was amazing fun, at least for me. We stayed in a lovely B&B, in what is probably the best room in the house. It had a lovely bed, of course, a whirlpool tub, and two other marvelous things: a pool table and a screened-in porch. Did I mention that this room was on the second floor of the house? No, I see I did not. It is. So this porch was like a screened-in balcony, which was coolness itself, as far as I was concerned. There was a tiny balcony outside one of the windows but with my ginormous weight, I was afraid to try it.

Anyway, the house was built in 1881 by one of Xenia's foremost citizens. Apparently, he spared no expense to make the house as lovely as possible. Perhaps another time I will gush more about it. Here is the place where it is. In the picture of the house on the home page, my lovely screened-in porch is featured, just above the front door. Squee!

When we were there, lounging in the whirlpool, we discussed the possibility of our cycling up to Xenia and spending another night in the Victoria's B&B. It's 51 miles from Milford to Xenia, on one of the wonderful bike trails that we apparently sport in Ohio. Fifty-one miles might not be much to some people (I have a friend who said her husband did a 51 mile trip in an afternoon), but it seems crazy to me. But I guess we're going to try, if we can ever get to training for this stupid thing.

It was wonderful to spend time alone with Friend Husband. I felt so much more loving and relaxed by the time we were heading home. Of course, that changed when we got home to find that David had shattered the back of one of the other cars with an iron cyclinder. How brief and lovely is peace!

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