Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It's my Xangaversary! Nine years on Xanga!

Big whoop.

Since I haven't blogged at all in 3 months and not much before that, it feels rather anticlimatic. But there it is.

I used to love blogging, lived for it! And I did it very well, I thought. What's happened? I don't know. Life? Too many kids with too many activities? Laziness? All of the above, probably.

Sorry for the downer "celebration". As always, I'm down on myself and what I have and have not achieved in my time on the planet. I sort of vacillate between "who cares" and "I suck". Sad but true.

But hey, 9 years is something, right?

I think I'll celebrate by going outside in the 70 degree weather and pulling weeds. And spreading mulch. At least that's useful.

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