Saturday, July 27, 2013

Just a fly on the wall...

As I mentioned on this blog almost a year ago, I love to spend time at Panera. The food appeals to me. It's generally quiet. It has free wifi, after 2 (I think). The only bad thing is that they took away my beloved cushy chairs, thus forcing me to sit in less-comfortable ones. Thus far this has not cost them my business.

Sometimes I even have the ability to eavesdrop on interesting conversations or to do some good people-watching. No, I am not maliciously listening in. Perhaps it is intrusive, but these are folks who are talking loud enough so that I can hear them at least halfway across the room. Not exactly having a private convo, in my opinion.

There were two such tables today (bonus!) One was a couple of girls in their late teens, early 20s and the other was a couple on a first date, as near as I could tell. They were closer to my age.

The girls were talking about how they hated their jobs and the people at their jobs. They hated the drama. The other couple talked about a variety of things, as befits a couple on their first date. They were trying to figure each other out. At one point, the woman said something which she followed with, "Kidding! Kidding! Just kidding!"

Much as I truly enjoy hearing other people and trying to imagine their lives, each of these people today made me glad to be where I am in life. I'm not a youngster dealing with all sorts of overwhelming drama involving people I didn't really like. And I wasn't attempting to find another companion this late in the game.

I am just myself, the fat chick in the corner, typing at the Panera. And that's good enough for me today.

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