Saturday, August 03, 2013

Further tales from the dark side

As was obvious, I'm sure, I was in a very bad place last night when I blogged and then turned everything off and tried to go to bed. Unfortunately, I had quite the difficult time getting to and staying asleep. Fortunately, it didn't seem to bother me overly much today.

Because today is Saturday!

For the uninitiated, Saturday is the day that my blessed husband is responsible for the kiddles and their needs and I am responsible for myself. I'm supposed to do homeschool prep as well but I rarely do. Yes, part of the problem, I'm sure. Anyway, on a typical Saturday, I go do volunteer work at the library, then retire to Panera for the afternoon. This has been a typical day in that regard.

It has been atypical in that I was blown away by comments that friends left on my blog posts and at Facebook. I was so touched, y'all, I can't tell you. Whenever you feel the prompting to do something for someone else, do it. It could make such a difference to the person to whom you're reaching out.

I also received a phone call from a dear friend who had read the post and had many wise words and much commiseration for me. This friend has been going through the wringer herself and I was beyond touched that she felt compelled to reach out and comfort me. I was even able to concentrate on what she was saying and absorb some of it. What a blessing to this Wonder Woman! (That is what Friend Husband calls me. He says I have WW bracelets that deflect any compliments or anything positive that comes my way.)

Thus it has been a much better day for me. I did, however, remember one other thing I meant to say yesterday about depression and people who have it. It is not at all useful for me to focus on other people and their various struggles and needs in order to make myself shake my depressive moods. Perhaps an example would be useful. I had a friend in high school who always said, "You need to think about those people in Russia or South Africa who are suffering under horrible governments. Or, perhaps, the starving people in Africa. That will put your suffering in perspective."


Really. He said that. As y'all are probably guessing, it was not the most effective suggestion ever. Thinking about such things either deepens my despair or makes me very angry. Neither of these things is beneficial to banishing the dark clouds of depression, at least around my head. So, if you are so blessed as to have no idea how to comfort or sustain your friend or loved one who is depressed, take a page from my book and avoid having them contemplate people who are in even worse situations. You are very welcome.

For today, I am so thankful for my friends and family who keep me going even when I'm deep in the pit of despair. You are lifesavers, every one of you.

To celebrate, I'm actually going to work on some homeschool planning. How about that? I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks, for at least a day at a time.

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Michelle James said...

Lori, my dear friend, I almost left a comment last night. I, too, have suffered at times with depression, and I understand the struggle. Please know that you are not alone and that I am here whenever you may need a shoulder to lean on. All my love.