Saturday, January 18, 2014

Something new

So, occasionally, I get on these wild hairs and things happen. In my opinion, this is preferable to being depressed and unable to move all day but sometimes I wonder. So. Here is my new wild hair.

I'm going to hike the Appalachian Trail.

Squeeee! Yes, I'm exceedingly (and probably stupidly) excited about this. And I want to add all sorts of caveats. But life will add caveats and right now I'm just going to be excited.

To date, every one of my family wants to come with me. This is surprising but good. I originally thought that David and I would do it. Then Rachel wanted to come. Doug insisted that he wanted to go as well. I casually asked Sarah and Abby if they were up for the adventure and they seemed, curiously, enthusiastic. That leaves Keziah, who won't want to come because she's afraid of bears. REALLY afraid of bears. I've told her that she's much more likely to run into poisonous snakes while hiking than bears but she doesn't listen. But since the rest of everyone wants to come, I guess that means that Kez will also have to. Maybe she'll buck up. Otherwise it could be a loooooong trip.

I'd purely LOVE to thru-hike the trail (start at one end and walk straight through until you get to the other). Unfortunately, there are some things that keep me from doing so. 1) I need to be at worship services every Sunday and it's hard to find the appropriate group randomly. I doubt there are many of them within walking distance of the AT (but wouldn't that be COOL?) 2) It would take about 6 months. The rest of my life precludes being able to spend 6 months on a Quixotic quest.

But I can section hike. At this point, I just want to do some of it. I just want to get on there and walk and walk and walk. Here's another issue. The AT is hours and hours drive away from my own personal house. So it's not like I can just get into the car and spend a long weekend there. Bummer.

Another issue? Um, I have no hiking equipment whatsoever? And also I'm tremendously fat and untrained? I'm not overly concerned about either of these, just putting some barriers out there so I know how to knock them down. And I will knock them down.

I hope.

Because I really really really wanna do this thing!

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