Friday, February 28, 2014

Into the Woods We Go Again

I am blogging for you from the commodious spotlight room of the Anderson Center where I am currently pursuing my night job as spot operator for my daughter's show. Which is "Into the Woods".

As always, I'm blogging way too late because last week I was full of the milk of human kindness and goodness and happy with the whole world. Naturally, this is not the case tonight. It was a horrid night & day and I'm CRANKY. Surprise!

Anyway, this is my second-to-last day doing this gig and I believe I will miss it. It has been great fun to be a part of such a wonderful show filled with talented actors and awesomely cool crew. I realized last week that it makes me much happier to be a part of something creative. Creating makes me happy. Even if it's just running the spot, it's been a blast and I'll be sorry to have to move on to my usual humdrum experience. Although it will be nice to linger over the dinner table again!

Into the woods!

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