Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen # 34

Thirteen random beginner thoughts on knitting

1. You have to understand that I've been quilting for 14 years and knitting is a new thing for me. I think I may have been knitting a month now...woohoo!

2. I'm sure this is very good for my brain. Why am I sure of this? Because I have to concentrate so hard on what I'm doing in order to catch my mistakes before they get out of hand.

3. After finishing (yay!) two projects (yes, they were dishcloths but they're finished), I decided to branch out into a scarf. Unfortunately, I chose a difficult yarn and really raspy needles to work with. It's becoming a pain.

4. I did start another dishcloth today as well. I think I may have a dishcloth fetish.

5. Did you note that I now have two projects "on the needles"?

6. One of the reasons that I wanted to learn to knit is that I thought it was a dying art. Little did I know that by the time I learned to do it, movie stars would be taking it up.

7. I'm very proud of myself for sometimes being able to figure out how to fix my messed-up knitting when my son has grabbed it and made a run for it, thus discombobulating the whole thing.

8. I am not very proud that I still don't know what frogging is.

9. It's a little frustrating (ok, a lot frustrating) to be beginning a new craft when I have some facility at another. I am probably a good intermediate quilter. I can figure out patterns on my own and I (and my family) are extremely conversant in the ways of quilting. I'm wandering around lost in the forest of knitting. And that frustrates me.

10. It occured to me today that this might be God's sneaky way of teaching me patience.

11. Or teaching me to be in the moment.

12. Because He knows that I no longer pray for him to help me with my patience.

13. (The last time I did that, he gave me toddler twins!)

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Lindsay said...

I attempted knitting and didnt get to far, you are so better then me!
my TT is up!

Sanni said...

Such a nice hobby - too bad I´ve never learnt it... and I guess I won´t gat the chance because I don´t know anybody to show me. Although I think it might be fun to knit for my 8 month old son Luis =)

Please visit my TT #8 - Thanks a lot =)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

LOVE the way you ended that! I don't know anything about knitting, but I think that frogging is ripping stuff out to fix a mistake. Don't quote me on that, though.

Happy TT, and keep on concentrating. You'll get it sooner or later -- and the best stuff in life is the stuff that isn't easily come by.

Raggedy said...

WTG on finishing two!
I have the same problem with the yarn. (The one that the dog destroyed)
It's fuzzy so it catches on the needles it isn't easy because the strands sort of unravel.
Have a great Thursday!
My TT is posted

i am jen [with1n] said...

I have been wanting to learn how to knit, but after reading this (and laughing out loud), I may reconsider. :) (nah, I still want to, but do not know where to begin) Any pointers that you can give me?
Thanks in advance, and Happy TT!

scribbit said...

Oh your post reminded me to get more yard tomorrow at the store while I'm out. I'd almost forgot!

Southern Girl said...

I admire anyone who can knit! I tried to learn once and just couldn't grasp it to save my life. Felt like I needed at least one more hand besides the two I already had. ;) I can crochet a passable scarf, but knitting is out of my league. Good for you for learning!

Incog & Nito said...

Ah yes the art of knitting - I have been knitting for some years - not all that good at it, but I enjoy it. Then all those movies stars made it popular. You keep going!!

Leanne said...

I would love to knit, one of these days I need to teach my daughter, too! She got a knitting kit from Santa. :)

You've been selected as one of the featured Thirteeners for the week at the Hub. Enjoy! :D

Laura said...

i prayed for patience once too and i ended up with my 5 kids too.
cute list.
my tt is up

Terri said...

Since I'm an avid knitter, I enjoyed your list.
After a 40 year hiatus, I returned to knitting a few years ago....and I'm addicted. Can't resist new yarns, etc.
And yes, "frogging" is simply ripping out any mistakes.
You should check out some of the GREAT knitting blogs around...One of my favorites is The Yarn Harlot.
Happy knitting with needles clicking.

Mummy B said...

I've wanting to take up knitting ever since reading "Wish Upon a Star" by Olivia Goldsmith!

Number 13 was definately giggle-worthy ;)

Alexis Jacobs said...

I learned alot from this post!!

Christine said...

I would love to learn to knit. My grandmother loves it, and she makes it look like so much fun. She talks and laughs as she's looking down, and counting, it really is an art.
Congratulations on finishing a couple projects.

Happy TT! Mine's up.

Christie said...

i've always wanted to knit! i still think i might do it one day, hopefully! great list!

Rose said...

I attempted knitting when I was younger, but as an adult I have forgotten all that I learned.

Rose said...

Congrats on being a featured Thursday 13 site.

Tink said...

I admire you for trying. My mother taught me how to knit, but I'm afraid it's years ago I did something with it. ;-) Congrats on being the featured blog!
My TT is about stuff from my past.

Jenny Ryan said...

My mom just recently took up knitting. She loves it! :)

Miss Pink said...

I did Grandfriends once and learned how to knit but now I forget and my mom cannot knit.

dawn said...

I could never get knitting or crochet. Great TT. Good luck with the new hobby.

Happy TT

TopChamp said...

Knitting's on my list of things I need to go back to doing in my free time... I'll probably go back to it when I get free time again x

Happy TT - thanks for your visit. I am also hungry but it is half four in the morning so eating is banned!

TopChamp said...

Sorry - got you muddled up (can see you've not visited) - please excuse my addled IT'S TOO EARLY brain.

Patty said...

Wow, I'm amazed how many bloggers are out there - are these other blogging communities similiar to xanga? Which one do you like best Lori?

Angela said...

why did I not know about this site until now?

congrats on the spotlight!

MarillaAnne said...

LOL Toddler twins? Oh my! I don't think I'll be praying for patience.

This is my 5th T13 and I'm still wandering around today making acquaintances. Usually I get to do this on Friday morning but ... oh well ...

My Thurs 13 is (still) up. I need your help with item #1. I just got an update on this mama's story. I've watched two mama's disappear off the web and earth since Mid November ... there's a chance we can do something about NOt losing this one. And there's something big coming up on Tues that you can help me promote ... if you want.

See you next week,