Monday, July 21, 2008

I hate lace

Hey! Anyone miss me? It's been a busy few days and this week promises to be more of the same. The nieces were here last week and their mom (my beloved sister-in-love) came up with the 3rd niece to get them. She and I stayed up late (well, late for old ladies like me) Friday, then went to the Creation Museum on Saturday. It was fun but a quick visit. After they left, I conked out for a couple of hours and Friend Husband set out to figure out why the ceiling downstairs was dripping water. With the help of Neighbor-Soon-To-Move, they figured out that a plumbing line under the dishwasher was leaking. When I woke up, all discombobulated, they were lying on the kitchen floor, discussing plumbing and looking at the guts of the dishwasher. This was a bit too surreal for me in my state (not too awake) so I sat on the couch until I woke up fully. Then we went to Elizabeth's 16th birthday party in the park.

Now understand that it was about a million degrees on Saturday (give or take) and I was not excited to go to an outdoor birthday party. Plus the dishwasher and its guts were spread all over the floor. We finally got ourselves together and got there just in time to eat. Yum! I don't know when the last time I had sausage was (they grilled hot dogs, brats and metts). Anyway, it turned out to not be so blazingly hot at 7PM and we had a good time. I do have pictures on my camera but as my camera is way upstairs, I'm not going to be putting them up in this post.

Ok, so Friend Jen cursed my sock knitting. Remember how I'd finished one Hedera sock and was halfway through with the other one. Jen made a comment in recent days about how amazing it was that I did such cool knitting as a beginner. I can only presume that she was referring to the socks, as the only other thing listed over here is a dishcloth. Well, I've been working away on the second sock, all excited that things seemed to be lining up and all, then disaster struck. For some reason, my counts were coming out wrong and everything was not lining up any longer. I frogged back about 20 rows and tried to start again, but the stitch counts were still wrong, so I frogged back about another 50 rows or so when I was sitting on The Table waiting for the gynecologist to show up Thursday. On Sunday I attempted yet again to get moving on the sock but it was having no part of it, so I commenced to ripping it all out and starting over. I was doing this on the way home from morning services, when the twins had not been terribly well-behaved all morning, from the time they woke. So David saw me doing this awful thing to my beloved sock and he asked, with all due concern, "Mommy! What are you doing?!"

I looked at him above my sunglasses and said, "I'm destroying this sock. It made me very angry and was misbehaving so I'm destroying it." I'm afraid the look on his face was rather shocked and it wasn't a nice thing to do but I'm afraid I've never claimed to be a nice person.

I can only assume that it's the lace pattern. For some reason, I have a lot of trouble knitting lace. I'm going to try the sock again and hope for the best, but I'm not expecting much this time. It's just so aggravating, after so much effort, to have to start again. I'm hoping that the process will be calming and that, perhaps, I'll have a complete pair of socks by the time the snow flies.

This week, we're preparing for a wedding on Saturday. All of the children are doing something in it. Sarah and Rachel are singing as people are being seated (the audience, not the members of the bridal party, I'm pretty sure). Abby is going to pass out programs. The twins were asked to be the flower girl and ring bearer. All I can say is the bride is a glutton for punishment. So Sarah and Rachel need to practice all week and I need to practice with Dave and Zi to get them to do what they're supposed to do instead of what they want to do, which is to gallop wildly around and probably slug each other with their props. Sigh. I think I'll need a tranquilizer before this ceremony.

The building inspector is supposed to finally come this week to ok our heating and air conditioning unit. We think. They've rescheduled that a number of times already.

Next week, I'm supposed to take Abby to West Virginia to visit her friend Bethany for the week. She is beyond excited. She was supposed to go today but wanted to go to the wedding and a Webkinz event that is being held here locally, so that was put forward another week. It's weird to have children randomly leaving and doing stuff away from home. I guess that's what they do as they get older but it's a vastly different thing than what I'm already used to.

Well, since the twins are trying to tear up the family room and I need to finish washing the stacks of dishes that accumulated over the weekend with no dishwasher and no kitchen water (I came very close to getting a dishpan and washing them in the sink today), I'd better pretend to actually be the homemaker I claim to be on all my official forms. I hope y'all have a great week!


reneegrace said...

you are just brave to take up knitting!! Hope you get a break from the summer chaos soon! :)xvewy

Debbie Collins said...

Don't feel bad. I'm not so good at lace either. It requires 100% concentration. I never have 100% concentration. And it is a bear to rip out. Be careful and look where you are going :-) That too requires concentration.

msta62 said...

I sure missed you! But you are sooo entitled to some time off this blog! I don't understand how you manage everything in only 24 hours! You are very much admired by cousin M! Happy Tuesday!