Thursday, November 13, 2008

NaNo, NaNo


My novel is making me cry.  If it isn't my inability to get it done, it's the subject matter.  It's changed itself from [CUT-TAG="More Here..."] a lighthearted story to a very deep dark one.  I just finished a part and now need to walk away from it.  If you want to see a snippet of what I wrote today, here's the link.

Sarah is way ahead of me and is doing swimmingly.  If she weren't so cute, I'd be down in the dumps about that too.  But, hey, I'm big enough to want the best for her too, even if it means that she beats the stuffings out of me, right?  Right.  Here's her NaNo and her blog, if you want to likewise encourage her.

I thought I wouldn't blog again until the end of November, so I was storing up things to say.  But today, I wanted to post my very fun results with a writing program and I figured it would be rude to just post that, so here's the bullet post on what's been going on here.

  • Got very very sick this week.  Picture one and a half days in bed, not moving very much.  Picture not even wanting to eat.  Yes, it was that serious.  I'm feeling better now.  If that wasn't really the flu, I don't ever want to get it.
  • Also received the Cutco Knives that I ordered from the neighbor-girl-trying-to-do-something-with-her-life.  Still can't believe I paid that much for knives, but they are awesome.  I used the trimmer last night to cut up onions and almost swooned with how easily they chopped it up.  This is the set I ordered (in the classic black) and I got a vegetable peeler as well.  Years ago, I had the trimmer as a part of the set that Friend Husband brought into our marriage but lost it somewhere.  I have mourned that knife on and off ever since.  So here it is.  Next step?  To send back the turning fork I mistakenly melted at Thanksgiving ten years ago to be replaced.  Oh, and to get the rest of the knives we own sharpened.  I can't wait.
  • Seems like there was something else, but I can't remember now.  Oh well, I guess I should have written it all down.  Y'all be good while Mama's gone, ya hear?

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