Monday, September 21, 2009

And then they were five...

Today is the last day of summer. It also marks the last day of this year's birthday season (hallelujah!)

It's Keziah and David's 5th birthday!

We celebrated yesterday, with the dinners of choice (Keziah wanted goulash and David wanted spaghetti with meatBALLS and not meat sauce). We also had gifts to open and the cakes of choice. This year I decided to mess with fondant so the cakes were somewhat different.

Well, I've got to rock, so I'll put these pictures up here from yesterday's festivities...hope y'all have a good last day of summer!

Keziah loved the gift from her grandparents...a Bitty Baby. She has named it 'Mella'. I call it Melanoma just to irritate her. Sarah says that parents have weird senses of humor.

She also loved the ball that Sarah gave her.

David's grandparents gave him a giant articulated Spiderman. It's a little disturbing.

We got our singing school CD yesterday and couldn't resist singing some of the songs. Yes, we are dorks but we're ok with that.

They really loved the bikes we gave them for their birthdays. Good call on that one, Friend Husband!

Twins & cakes. FH asked us to sing in our room because he didn't want to move. He's going back to work today. I hope it goes ok. I think he's going to be very tired.

Keziah's High School Musical cake.

David's 3rd consecutive Spiderman cake. Spiderman's put on some weight in the last few years.


Ohio_Momto3boys said...

I ***LOVE*** it!!
Do you have pics of twins when you first met them? THey are so stinkin' cute.

msta62 said...

Looks like y'all had a great last b-day for the season! Loved the cakes! Looks absolutely yum-yum!

acceptancewithjoy said...

Love the photos!

We did our last birthday of the year on Saturday. Beverly turns 6 on Wednesday, but Dad is traveling.

So, David and Ron went to the store and Friday afternoon. And, David comes in and says to his sister, "We have a surprise for you. I am not supposed to tell you it's a birthday bike."

acceptancewithjoy said...

BTW ~ your cakes look. Grrrr-reat!