Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Today was an absolutely exhausting day. The twins had teeth cleanings at 8, so I had to drag their carcasses out of bed way before they wanted to. David wasn't a problem, but Keziah did NOT want to get up. Directly after that, I took the children to their co-op classes, then drove Friend Husband (aka "Scooter") to the orthopedic surgeon for a post-op check. He's doing pretty well except for a minor case of contact dermatitis from the solution they washed the area with before the surgery. They've cleared him to go back to work next week. His students are freaking out, despite his posting podcasts of the lectures he's missed, so I guess it's an ok thing except that I think it's going to be too much for him. I think I talked him into taking Sarah with him, to drive, cart things around, and to push him in the wheelchair if he gets too tired to go on.

After the surgeon and dropping off some videos at a library system that is kinda far from our house, Friend Husband wanted to run back home. He had insinuated to the girls that he would come and watch their Musical Theatre classes but he wanted his work computer so he could also work in the time between. We got that and ran back to co-op. He had a good time watching some of their classes but he also conked out for a while, leading me to believe that next week is too soon to go back to work.

But what do I know? I'm just the wife.

So I parked him upstairs and began my stint as a personal helper to a little boy with Down's syndrome. Unfortunately, the boy was quite hyper and unresponsive to listening today. We spent a lot of time playing the "Obedience Game" when I wasn't chasing him down the hall when he'd open the door and fly out. I'm sure it looked funny to watch us sprinting down the hallways but I was not at all amused. And I was hot. And the twins were cranky, which didn't help anything else. Then Friend Husband and Sarah wanted to go home. So we went home and I drove back to the building where the co-op is, by way of Sonic. Their Happy Hour drinks can soothe over many a savage feeling.

Not long after I got back, the children were finished with their classes, so we went home. It was a totally gorgeous, clear day. I would have loved to have spent some time outside but I was way too exhausted by that point. I went to the bedroom, expecting to see Scooter passed out, as he claimed to want to do. When he wasn't, we talked briefly, then I conked out.

I had me a quality nap. When I awoke, Scooter was also asleep. I finally managed to drag myself out of bed and fix supper, which we snarfed down and then ran to church services. That was my day. Doesn't sound like much but man did it take its toll.

It's weird. I was remembering when my mom was my age and she'd come home from work and crash. I made dinner, cleaned up afterward, etc. I remember her saying that if she didn't lie down, she wouldn't totally crash but she lay down each and every evening. Now I understand better why. There reaches a point when, mentally and physically, I can't do another thing. I couldn't even think clearly. So I succumbed. I can't believe that I am the only person who does this, but it seems as though I'm surrounded by uber-energetic moms with boundless energy for activities. Perhaps if I weren't watching their children during the day, I'd have more energy too. It's a thought.

That's the news here...hope yours is even less eventful. Fall is on its way...I can feel it in the air. I will miss my fresh vegetables but I love the chill that accompanies fall. Won't be long until we'll have the windows open all day and enjoy the fresh air. Then we'll rake leaves for 6 weeks before the rain starts. I'd like to plant some pansies both here and at another lady's house plus reseed the lawn where it needs it and transplant some monkey grass. It grows really well if you can get it in in the fall. We'll see. My time and energy only extend so far and it seems like they do less and less every day.

Speaking of which, the physical therapist is supposed to be here at 8 tomorrow morning so I'd better skedaddle. Happy trails!

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acceptancewithjoy said...

I have a cousin named Scooter. He didn't have to break anything to get the name either. Instead of crawling, he scooted around on his butt. It was such a quick way to get around that he didn't walk until he was almost 4. His real name is Theodore. I guess I would go by Scooter too.

[I'm surrounded by uber-energetic moms with boundless energy for activities] Not me... I collapse when I collapse. It is Ron who has the boundless energy, gardens after he works all day. I think I need a vacation.