Sunday, September 13, 2009

In sickness and in health

I used to be much better at my job than I am now. I was a good mom, reasonably good wife, got things done, had some imagination & creativity working, had some energy. The older my children get, the less well I do the parenting thing. Scary. Some of them are not even half grown yet!

And now, with Friend Husband (whose new nickname is 'Scooter', just so you know) laid up, I'm realizing that, yet again, I am lacking in the desire/ability/whatever to do a good job. I'm into survival. Why is that?

Yes, and of course, this is all about me, right? Ha...Friend Husband is doing pretty well, as long as he takes his pain pills when he's supposed to. Being a stubborn person, he was trying to do without them until the visiting nurse told him that that was not a good plan. He's been doing his exercises and resting and cripping around the house on his crutches pretty well. He was planning to go to work tomorrow (against my express wishes) until both his surgeon and his department told him to stay at home already. I think it's going to be a long week, for all of us.

I have been trying to do my work, plus some of his, plus more kitchen work than I'm used to since our dishwasher croaked and I'm also canning. So I look a lot like a chicken with its head removed, running around doing things. I thought for sure that my blood pressure would be through the roof, but when I tested it yesterday, it was actually pretty low. Who'd have thought it?

Anyway, those are the things that are going on here. I'm trying to do and to not think too much because that's where I sabotage myself. Hope all of you are well and I so appreciate your thoughts and prayers on our behalf!

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stringsofpurls said...

Praying for you! At some point , it will all make a good story...