Saturday, September 26, 2009

May you live in interesting times

Well, it's been another interesting day here at the hacienda.  I started out the day by going to Hobby Lobby with Sarah to get refills for my in-laws' scrapbook.  I'd really like to finish it before they leave (Friday) so I can give it to them but I don't hold out hope that that will happen.  I do have the refill pages though.

Then I came home, sat down to grade a few papers, and got an enormous case of heartburn.  It quickly morphed into a full-scale sweating, heaving, intermittent type of pain.  I went back upstairs, told Scooter that I felt lousy, and went to lie down.  When he came in, he decided that he didn't like the sound of the symptoms, and called my doctor.  Meanwhile, I had chewed 4 Tums in an attempt to corral the pain.  It worked, a little.  The doctor said she thought it was probably reflux and recommended that I take Pepcid Complete, which Scooter and the children ran off to get me at the grocery.

Meanwhile, we had contacted a local couple about a couch and chair they were advertising on Craigslist.  We have needed new living room furniture for a very very long time.  The in-laws are on their way this week and we decided to bite the bullet and get some.  After Scooter brought me my medicine, we spent a lovely hour with Jon & Andrea, chatting about all sorts of things while we were trying out the couch and chair. 
After purchasing said items and securing a truck to haul them in, we bid them adieu and went to install our new furniture.  The children were warned repeatedly not to eat on or near the new furniture which is, of course, a light neutral color.  Sigh.  Once the pieces were put in place, we noticed how entirely grotty our carpet looked.

Mind you, the carpet is old, builder grade carpet.  Nasty stuff.  I've wanted to rip it out for quite some time but never worked up the nerve.  Today I did.  I started by pulling it back in what I thought would be one of the more traffic-heavy areas and seeing how it looked there.  It certainly looked a great deal better than the carpet!  So I pulled a bunch out.

Only problem is that this is a HUGE room and my in-laws (who think we live like savages anyway) are due in Tuesday night.  So it's another stress situation.  I just laugh at myself...why do I start projects like this?  Anyway, it looks nice and I'll be happy to have it done.

So that's my day.  What's been up with yours?

Here's the difference between what the carpet looked like when it was installed, and what it looked like tonight:

Hard at work:

Pretty floor!

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acceptancewithjoy said...

Lori! Your floor is gorgeous!